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what should we pay attention to when clean up the mosaic?[ 12-22 11:45 ]
With clean water and good absorbent cotton cloth ,it can be clean. Because the mosaic surface is smooth, not easy to clean so shelter evil people and countenance evil practices, it is also very convenient. In addition, you can also use a neutral to increase t...
Is there any limit in paving the mosaic ? What season is most suitable for pavement?[ 12-22 11:45 ]
No specific time limit. But it is best to avoid the construction in the summer and winter. In the summer, the weather is too hot, will make the gum is acidic, is not conducive to the mosaic firmly glued to the wall; and the winter is too cold, also affect the ...
What is your package of the mosaic tiles?[ 04-29 15:57 ]
Standard box with wooden pallets.Customized request is available.
How long is the lead time of the mosaic tiles?[ 04-29 15:56 ]
30 working days after receiving your deposit if we have to produce, and 7~15 days after receiving your deposit if we have stock. All mosaic tiles base on your quantities.
How long does glass tile last?[ 04-29 15:55 ]
Glass tile is a very durable material with few limitations as far as wear. With regular cleaning, your glass tile can last as long as your entire property.
I would like a unique shape/size. Can Crystal Palace do that?[ 04-29 15:55 ]
Yes! Crystal Palace has the ability to create a new style to meet your requirement if none is available from the factory.
How to install mosaic tiles that has different thickness?[ 04-29 15:53 ]
When you are installing mosaic tiles of different thicknesses, you must build up the thinner tiles to match the thicker ones, and beat them all into the mortar bed for an even installation.
What’s the best way of cleaning glass tile?[ 04-29 15:53 ]
Glass tile is a very low-maintenance surface.It is stain-resistant, and can be cleared of everyday household grime with the wipe of a damp cloth.You also can use any cleaning agent in preference to those specific to glass surfaces.
Where should I install mosaic tiles and where not?[ 04-29 15:51 ]
Just about anywhere in your home or office and so on, if that's what you like...Most wall mosaic tile should only be put on the wall, but most floor mosaic tile can be installed almost anywhere.
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